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Why haven’t Temmie Ovwasa change her Username on Instagram (@ybnlprincess)


Temmie Ovwasa was signed to YBNL Nation Record in 2016, this happened when she uploaded a particular video of her song and later noticed that Olamide Baddo has liked her Video.

“I used to sing and record covers of different songs, which I post on Instagram. In August last year, I uploaded a particular video of a song and realised that Olamide  had liked all my videos.” 
“People erroneously thought I tagged Olamide in the video but I have never believed in tagging celebrities to get recognition.” 

“A few minutes later he sent me a direct message requesting for my phone number. At first, I thought it was a scam until I confirmed that it was indeed Olamide’s official Instagram account. I sent my number and we began talking.” 
“From the moment Olamide sent me a direct message, I knew something was going to happen; I am very intuitive. Getting signed on with YBNL  Records is a blessing that gave me my big break.”

but few years later (2020), Temmie felt like nothing is happening and broke up with them (YBNL Boss) in 2020

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Her post on Twitter on Mar 4, 2021

“I have no regrets but getting signed to YBNL will always stress me the f*ck out, exposed my beautiful self to a bunch of unintelligent fanatical sheep, “fans” incapable of original thought, it disgusts me that they even know my name. Can’t wait to have “enter forest” money.”

But yet She still has YBNL PRINCESS as her username on Instagram:- Towards her response to a question that was asked by her fan:

  • Is there a reason you’re still using the YBNL Princess name?

“Because it’s mine, I dey my house, come and beat me”

  • Oya remove YBNL for ur name nah!

“My name is Temmie Ovwasa. YBNLPrincess is one word. Beyond that, I own this name.

I was going to remove it but now that y’all are here I’m enjoying yours tears”

But the question still remain, why haven’t she change the username

  • She’s scared of her fanbase
  • Changing her username will decrease her fame
  • She still want to go back to YBNL Nation Record even though has been signed to Rainbow Republic



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