Okada Rider also known as as Motorcycle Rider has been a major means of road transportation in Lagos Traffic congestion, it has been the fastest means to any of your destination in Lagos likewise in other states in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Okada is also a means of employment for graduates, who have search for jobs, over 400,000 riders are on Lagos’ roads daily, that is, nearly 5% of Nigerians in Lagos are Okada Rider because of the rate of unemployment in the country.

Unemployed Nigerians use motorcycles to earn their daily income by transporting passengers to their doorsteps and most times on poor or narrow roads.

LASG has previously stopped Okada Rider by the former Governor, Gov. Babatunde Fashola due to the rampant increase of accident caused by Okada in 2012, over 2,555 accidents with five months.

But, now LASG under the administration of Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to outlaw Okada, after been reported that crime reports from the chart have shown that a higher rate of crimes; armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism, murder, traffic robbery, carjacking, cash snatching  burglary and lot more

Lagos State Government should consider this circumstances:-

  1. Rate of bad/poor road in the state e.g Lawanson – Ijesha
  2. LASG should consider the rate of unemployment in state
  3. LASG should provide a certain areas for the Okada Riders, etc


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