This is exactly how I feel inside my head and probably inside my stomach,
I’m hungry and the activities around me ain’t satisfying
I’ve checked and searched
I’ve spoken out loud
I’ve even looked at a few faces to acknowledge the presence of such circumstances
Then I took a break from thinking
Telling God how this wasn’t the plan
Toiling so much for so little
Or is this how the journey goes?
At least I haven’t travelled it before
Someone should please speak of the woes
That accompanies greatness such as my mine

I kept turning and staring and hoping
That someone from a great distance would speak out
Or maybe I would see the silhouette of a hero long past
Beckoning me to keep moving
Squinting and trying to forge out a form in the distance
Nothing at all seems to make sense
This time around, nature agreed not to submit to my longing
Or give a glimmer of hope in the long distance

Zinoleeksy and Lil Frosh, who is more famous in Nigeria music Industry?

Turning around and looking below
I saw a shadow firm and stiff
It looks exactly like me but without the substance that makes me me
Then I looked above and got strengthened by the thought that
I’ve never been alone
There’s a force up there, down here and everywhere I turn
That never leaves me alone
Then I looked within and was assured
You’re never alone says the Voice
I will never leave you nor forsake you
And my plans for you are beyond finding out.
Greatness is locked up in you.
All these are just to make you strong

Then I turned with such boldness not before seen
Taking long strides with my teeny members
I confidently went to face my world.

IG – @Qwin_rozz


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