Nigerian Airport will increase the rate of security towards the alert from the ministry of aviation over planned attacks on airports in the country involving Lagos (MMIA), Kaduna (KIA), Maiduguri (MIA), Sokoto, Kano(MAKA) and Abuja (NAIA).

This letter dated 6th April, 2021 signed by FAAN (Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria) DGM of administration and logistics, S.M. Mamman and spoke to airport chiefs of security that terrorist (criminals) were making planning on how to attack the airports and its’ managers.

The letter read “I am directed to convey an alert from the Ministry of Aviation regarding security threats by criminal elements against Airports in Nigeria and to request for the immediate enumeration of necessary countermeasures for the protection of Airports/Facilities under your purview”.


“Specifically, the airports top on the list for which criminals are considering carrying out attacks include those in Lagos (MMIA), Kaduna (KIA), Maiduguri (MIA), Sokoto, Kano(MAKA) and Abuja (NAIA) amongst others. However, all airports are hereby alerted and requested to operate at a heightened threat level.”

Airport Chiefs have been instructed to “ready a list of existing and additional measures to prevent the attacks, with their amount implications where necessary. Also expected to hold an emergency meetings of airport security committees “to check the status of airport security and to divide responsibility for effective measures”

Towards Director of Press Ministry of Aviation, James Odaudu reaction, he said he had no idea of the letter, that with what has happened in Kaduna recently.

James Odaudu said “Honestly, I am not aware of the letter, maybe it a implementation to scrap what has been happened in Kaduna Airport, have not seen the letter and I cannot comment on it. But with what has been witnessed at Kaduna, the ministry is arranging measures to guide against planned attacks.”


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