Headache can be helped by rest and aspirin. It often helps to put a cloth soaked in hot water on the back of the neck and to massage the neck and shoulder gently. Some other home remedies (For simple or nervous headache, folk curses sometimes work as well as modern medicine) also seem to help.

Headache is common with any sickness that causes fever. When it keep coming back may be a sign of a chronic illness or poor nutrition. it is important to eat well and get enough sleep. If the headaches do not go away. Seek medical help.

Migraine is a severe throbbing headache often on one side of the head only. it attacks may often come often, or months or year apart.

A typical migraine begins with blurring of vision, seeing strange spots of light, or numbness of one hand or foot. This is following be severe headache, which many last hours or days. Often there is vomiting. Migraines are very painful, but not dangerous.

To control/Stop Migraine, do the following at the first sign:-

Take 2 aspirins with a cup of strong coffee or strong black tea then lie down in a dark, quiet place, do your best to relax and try not to think about your problems.


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