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Story by chisom.
  [The class is full to the brim with noisy students,Clara and friends sat at the front row while her handbag is on the seat chair next to her. Amaka walks in together with the course lecturer, looks at the students on astonishment,she sees the only remaining space that’s the chair that clara’s bag is on,she goes and hands the bag to clara who burns in anger,when she sat down,the students starts murmuring].
MR KOS: Good morning students, i made an introduction on my course yesterday,which is marketing, before i start can anyone define marketing?(someone raised her hand up)
AMAKA:(boldly)It is am organization that matches its own human and physical resources with the wants of its customers.
LECTURER:(astonished)Brilliant,you are now the course rep of this course,class see you next time(he leaves,the students starta trooping out,as amaka is about to leave,group of girls blocks her)
CLARA:(angry)Not so fast,you have the temerity to remove my expensive bag to sit your smelly ass down.
AMAKA:(laughs) I never expected to see you in the same department with me.
CLARA:Do you know who you are talking to?
AMAKA: Who doesn’t know the proud queen of the Amazon cult.
CLARA:(shocked) Let me make it clear to you,the drum of war is beating for you,and it will consume you.
AMAKA: I am not one of those girls that are afraid of you,you are only but a bunch of bananas
CLARA:You are waging a war with your chi, just know that when your foolishness kills you do not be surprised. I will surely make your life miserable and you will beg for death.
MIRABEL: You dare trade words with the capon of the great cult.
AMAKA:Don’t go and have something to do than to follow her around like a stray cow. Next time,don’t stop me again(leaves)
CLARA:Let her be girls,something is not right. I think something is giving her courage,surely i will find out(she leaves and her friends follows her)
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