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[ Late in the night,amaka is fast asleep,all of a sudden she started moving her body on the spring bed that she is lying on,her eye balls rolls from left to right while closed,she forcefully woke up,sweating and her eyes filled with tears ].
AMAKA:(panting) Another nightmare,that same dream again, what kind of a stupid dream was that,i should have told queen mother last time we had a meeting;could the old man be right?(the question remains unanswered as she goes back to sleep)
[Early in the morning,amaka comes out with few luggages ready to go to college and a woman follows her behind looking worried)
NNEDIYA: To be honest with you,i am not comfortable with this your trip,the dream i had about you keeps on flashing back on my mind.
AMAKA: It’s just a mere dream,i will be fine. Take care of yourself for me,will be sending message. 
NNEDIYA: My daughter,you are the only one i have now since your father’s mysterious death,just be careful,always be reading your Bible and books too,join a good christian club there, it shall be well with you.
AMAKA: Amen! I will make you proud so that people will know the essence of a girl child,am leaving(As she turns to go,she suddenly hits her left feet on a big stone,blood gushes out) Oh! ah! what’s all this now?
NNEDIYA: Isn’t that a bad omen?
AMAKA: It’s not,mama. I will be leaving(she leaves leaving her teary mother behind as she waves at her,a mysterious voice speaks boldly to her ears only)
VOICE: Your stubbornness will cause the deaths of many including that of your lovely mother(the voice dies down,amaka becomes scared and looks sideways,didn’t see any one)
AMAKA: Nothing will make me change my mind,college here i come.You cant do anything to my mother,the sisterhood is protecting her for me,you don’t want me to succeed(she leaves with boldness)
   “The stubbornness of someone,always leads he/her to the grave” just know that.
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