Offence and the Consequence

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Offence the feeling of anger towards a person or something
Offence is very deadly and can very quickly destroy your spiritual private space. Beware!
Offence is “off-fence.” A wall or fence that turns off supply. Like the firewall in your laptop that blocks access.
It turns off the supply of God’s favour towards the offended, whether the offended is right or wrong.
Jesus could not do miracles for the people because they were offended (Mrk 6:5).
Offence is usually based on the perception of the offended.
Many times the offender may not know that he or she has offended a person.
Even when the offender does it deliberately, it still depends on how the offended interprets their actions.
One of the easiest away to project a curse towards someone is to first get them offended.
Deal quickly with offence or the feeling of anger, not really because of others but because of yourself and your own blessings

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