(News) Thailand Open Marijuana Medical Clinic

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Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has opened a Marijuana Medical clinic at its base camp in Bangkok as it looks to extend the herb-based industry. 
The Minister of Public Health, Anutin Charnvirakul, said on Monday the facility will supply patients with Marijuana-based medication that can be utilized to mitigate conditions, for example, headaches, a sleeping disorder, muscle and joint hurts, deadness and loss of hunger. 
Charnvirakul said Thailand as of now has 25 different facilities and 86 clinics with a stock of marijuana-based drug, including that emergency clinics have mentioned that pot-based medicine be made accessible in each territory inside the year. 
As per the clergyman, Thailand’s parliament affirmed a law to consider the utilization of therapeutic maryjane in December 2018. 
An alteration that looks to authorize the developing of six weed plants for every family is right now under survey by parliament. 
Charnvirakul, a main advocate of medicinal marijuana in Thailand, was chosen as a legislator in a political race in March 2019 subsequent to running on a stage that firmly underpins its sanctioning. 
He included that he completely bolsters the utilization of pot to fix ailments yet he doesn’t bolster its recreational use. 
Patients who wish to get treatment from the recently opened center that will work every day can enroll through a cell phone application called Dr. Ganja in TTM.

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