(News) Dr. Olukoya Denounce the Celebration of Christmas

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The ongoing upheaval of general overseer of Mountain of Fire Ministry (MFM), Dr Olukoya denouncing in substance the celebration of Christmas has started genuine responses by Christian people group via social media. 

Dr. Olukoya had before frayed Christians who commend the birth of Jesus of Christ on December 25 pronouncing that Christmas festivity isn’t written in the Bible. He indicated that from the scriptural verifiable record, Jesus was not conceived on December 25 focusing on further that his birth to the world season may probably fall inside the time of April and May. 

The Release Reads: 

“Concerning the differed responses that have been trailing the message of our General Overseer (Worldwide), Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Dr. Daniel Olukoya, on the festival of December 25th as Christmas in festivity of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, during the congregation’s week after week Manna Water administration on Dec. 25, 2019, we make the accompanying explanations… 

In spite of the fact that the establishment of Christmas is excessive admiration and God despises worshipful admiration with immaculate disdain, we won’t discard the infant and the shower water. We don’t censure the individuals who celebrate. 

Jesus is conceived in us at MFM consistently. His death is our birth certificate to the world testament. 

We will draw out the positive out of the negatives by utilizing all occasions for supplications, meetings workshops, and exercises. 

We will hold courses, shows, camp gatherings or unique instructing administrations to implore, look at the sacred texts and draw positives from an inappropriate, negative and worshipful admiration practices of the two occasions: Easter and Christmas. 

We will hold unique gatherings to re-educate, re-stress and reappraise the centrality of Jesus’ introduction to the world, passing, cross, and restoration. 


Unusual however obvious! Recollect those shepherds who were “overseeing their groups around evening time”? (Luke 2:cool. December climate around Bethlehem is regularly pitiably chilly, wet and blustery. No shepherd in his correct personality would have kept his runs outside around evening time at that season! 

The section contends against the December 25th birth of Jesus Christ since the climate would not have allowed shepherds to be out in the fields with their groups at that point. 

Additionally, Luke 2:1-4 reveals to us that Jesus was conceived in Bethlehem since his folks went to that town to enlist in a Roman statistics. 

The Romans were notable as exceptionally productive directors. It would have looked bad to have led a statistics in the dead of winter when temperatures frequently dipped under freezing and venturing out was troublesome because of poor street conditions. Taking a registration under such conditions would have been futile. 

The Bible no place instructs us to watch an occasion observing Jesus Christ’s introduction to the world — yet it obviously tells us to do ‘fellowship’ in recognition of him.”

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