Land property forcefully grabbed by unknown 419

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It is the desire of everyone who works to eat the fruit of their labour. But Nigeria has failed us as we are being cheated in broad daylight over what we have worked for all our lives.. our land was forcefully grabbed , my husband taken away and our source of livelihood shutdown since April 2019 till date.
Every effort to get justice is being sidetracked by fellow humans like us who have proven to be more powerful than the law. The matter is in Court, ministry of Justice, the Police but all has been futile so far.
We are over 60 years and law abiding citizens.. what have we done wrong by being Nigerians… This is a cry for Justice as we have been forced to keep quiet .. but we can no longer be shut up as the pressure is affecting our health.
We have not been able to do business since April.. are we supposed to be begging on the streets at this point in our lives..
Now we have been summoned to Abuja over a case that its investigation has been completed in Lagos… of we are not safe in Lagos is ot Abuja that we will be safe… there is so much lawlessness in this Country .. we ask for meaningful Nigerians to come t o our aid .

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